″World Amateur chess championship 2010″

Anu Bayar

The 2010 World Amateur Chess Championship features the largest prize fund in the history of the tournament $20,000 USD guaranteed. In addition to the prize fund available the following prizes are present:                                                                                        

*The FIDE Master title for the winner of the event                                                                 *The Woman's FIDE Master title for the top placing female player of the event                         *2 scholarships valued up to $36,000 each to Texas Tech University for the top Male and Female participants.                                                                                                                                                          

The World Amateur Championship is organized by the NA Chess Federation. Currently registered are players from United States, Columbia, Canada, Finland, Russia, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Sri Lanka, India, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, here is all the info and side events:

World Amateur Chess Championship

March 19 – 25, 2010 
9R-SS | G/90 + 30/sec increment 
$20,000 USD Prize Fund Guaranteed 
2 Scholarships to Texas Tech University 
FIDE Master and Woman FIDE Master title to top male and female player 
More info: http://www.worldchesschamps.com/world-amateur/general-information/   vs    

Mongolian woman chess player Anu Bayar (1930) won 2nd place for women. She had tie-breaks vs Fan Yun (USA). Fan Yun beats Anu Bayar in tie-breaks.                                   Congratulations to "Mongol girl" Anu bayar and "Champion" Fan Yun (USA)

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