″About my blog″

Dear visitors

My name is Enkhtuul. I am from Mongolia. I am a chess player.

I want to write for about chess players in this blog. I will write new news of them, anymore! 

I hope, that you like it! and Please, join my blog.

Thank you! Chess is cool!

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7 сэтгэгдэл:

lhagva (зочин)

sain orltsooroi za amjilt

Ngoc Tu (зочин)

Why don't you write about yourself as a frist VIP? ^o^ Congratulations on your blog and hope that many members will support you!


Ngoc Tu
Hey my friend, Thank you for your comment from Vietnam. And again Thanks for try to write!
Because I just want to write about chess players. not about me hehe :-) I hope so

kausar (зочин)

Good luck!!!

broth (зочин)

good luck.....

Jana (зочин)

Hello, I want to play a chess with you by online chess game. If you have a time, please tell me. I am ready to play. Absolutely I can win you. Just kidding. I am noob kk.


Hello Jana!
If you want something,
Please write email to me!

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